Taliban Afghanistan


Taliban warn Russia not to interfere in Afghan affairs

The Taliban said that if Russia does not intervene in the situation in Afghanistan, "everything will be fine."

Members of the Taliban movement (a terrorist movement whose activities are banned in Russia - ed.) Stated that they fully guarantee the safety of Russian diplomats in Afghanistan, provided that the Russian side does not interfere in the situation on the territory of the country.

At the moment, the Taliban have successfully seized power in Afghanistan and allowed foreign military and diplomats to leave the country in the coming hours, also guaranteeing their safety. The militants said that any opposition would result in a powerful response - according to a number of data, by the current hour in Kabul and the outskirts of the Afghan capital, there may be up to 25 Taliban.

The Russian side, in turn, previously stressed that it does not intend to interfere in the situation on the territory of Afghanistan, since it is a sovereign state. This obviously implies that Russia is interested in the Taliban not creating additional tension on the border of the Russian allies.

Earlier, the Russian side was the only one that refused to evacuate its diplomats from Afghanistan, stressing that this was not necessary.

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Afghan not Ukraine, not Georgia and not Moldova where you can chop off the territory. So we sit, we do not interfere in Afghanistan, otherwise it will not seem a little.