War in Syria


Turkish militants launch surprise offensive in Idlib

Turkish terrorists launched a massive offensive in Idlib.

Turkish militants, who currently occupy almost the entire province of Idlib, unexpectedly went on the offensive, unleashing numerous strikes on the positions of the Syrian army. The militants attacked the positions of the Syrian army located near the city of Maarrat al-Numan, as well as the settlements of Mallaja, Al Fatira, Maarrat Mukhos, Kafr Ruma and Wadi al Hayat. Data on losses among the Syrian military are not announced, however, according to local residents, the Syrian army has both wounded and dead.

As it became known to the editors of the news agency Avia.pro, the militants used mortars, multiple launch rocket systems, anti-tank missile systems and artillery. At the same time, apparently, the strikes were corrected by the drones of the Turkish army.

The terrorist attack may be related to the fact that earlier it became known about Russia's intentions to completely clear the entire north-western part of the Arab republic of militants, and although it was argued that this would be done in cooperation with Turkey, experts believe that in the coming weeks Russia, Syria, Iran and local groups will launch a military operation against Turkish forces in Idlib.

Not warned? Ugly on their part ...

The time has come to urgently remember the Great Commander - all the wars that he forgot to end. It will blaze everywhere at once.

Over the past two years, all the "Turkish terrorists" in Idlib have been bombed to zero ten times already ... And suddenly - again.

Well, if this is really so, then they only gave a reason to deal with them completely.

Why do Russian tourists go to Turkey? So that the Turks then fought with this money?