Thousands of Turkish militants and nationalists "Grey Wolves" deployed to Ukraine

Thousands of Turkish militants, mercenaries and nationalists arrived in Ukraine.

After regular negotiations between the presidents of Ukraine and Turkey, it became known that, in addition to strike and reconnaissance drones, thousands of militants and nationalists from Turkey, called the Gray Wolves, arrived in Ukraine. Information on this subject is provided by Russian journalists of the WarGonzo project.

“The participation of Turkish far-right nationalists in the hostilities on the territory of Ukraine is also confirmed by our interlocutors, who have access to radio intercepts. The first information about the arrival of 3000 "gray wolves" to the Ukrainian-Polish border appeared about ten days ago, but only now we have learned that they have already been transferred to the Kharkov and Odessa-Nikolaev directions (three detachments of thousands of fighters were broken). Convoys with Turkish militants passed through Zhmerenka - along with heavy equipment and artillery ", - reports the project "WarGonzo".

The Turkish side has not yet commented on the current information, however, it is quite remarkable that the nationalists who arrived from Turkey can use modern weapons in order to prevent a new phase of the Russian special operation in the Donbass.

At the same time, it is fair to say that at the moment there is no documentary evidence that Turkish nationalists were transferred to the Kharkiv region.