Submarine explosion


UDF: off the coast of China, a nuclear submarine exploded

An unknown submarine exploded off the coast of China.

A few hours ago, Western news agencies reported a powerful explosion that occurred off the coast of China. According to the initial data, the explosion power was about 10-20 kilotons in TNT, which may indicate the fact that we are talking about a nuclear submarine.

“An atomic submarine exploded in the South China Sea off the coast of China, resulting in radiation in three countries. The power of the explosion, which occurred at a depth of 50 meters, was about 10-20 kilotons (comparable to Hiroshima) ", - reports the UDF resource with reference to the publication "HalTurnerRadioShow"

At the moment, there are no official statements from the PRC authorities, however, earlier Chinese submarines were regularly observed in this area.

Given the power of the explosion, it’s unlikely that the standard weaponry of submarines is detonated, but what kind of military submarine can be discussed and whether it really belongs to the U.S. Navy, remains unknown, nor does it specify how much the background radiation level exceeds the maximum set.