Ukraine threatens to sink Russian ships off the coast of Crimea

Ukraine began to threaten with the destruction of Russian ships in the Black Sea.

The Ukrainian military began to openly threaten the destruction of Russian warships in the waters of the Black Sea. This statement was made against the backdrop of NATO military maneuvers near the coast of Crimea. Despite the fact that the statement is quite official, the Ukrainian fleet and the Ukrainian army in general are completely unprepared for this.

According to experts, even if we do not take into account the current situation in the Ukrainian army, which is actually at the stage of degradation, the Ukrainian military has no real capabilities to fight the Russian fleet.

“Even if we consider the situation in the Ukrainian army before the coup d'état in the country, then Ukraine actually did not have the means to fight the Russian ships. Taking into account the fact that any attack on Russian ships will be immediately perceived by Moscow as open aggression, retaliatory strikes will follow immediately, and, apparently, they will be many times more powerful ", - emphasizes the specialist.

It should be noted that today Russia fully controls the situation in the Black Sea and is ready to provide border protection even by the most radical methods.

There shouldn't be any questions. Since there will be no one to ask them

And then there will be a question: "The APU was here somewhere, have you seen it?"

Less need to listen to what is reported from Ukraine! :)

Officials of a hostile country make such statements, this is a declaration of war…. What to wait when attacked ???

What would the child not amuse himself. Well, they will and will be, they have been fighting with Russia for 7 years, though she has not yet come to the war.

Ay Moska, she is strong to know that barks at an elephant.



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