Wreckage MH17


Ukraine pleaded guilty in the case of the crash of MH17

The Ukrainian deputy pleaded guilty to the government in the tragedy of MH17.

According to the official statement of Sergey Kaplin, who is a people's deputy from the Bloc of Petro Poroshenko, those responsible for the crash of a Malaysian passenger airliner definitely exist on the territory of Ukraine, in particular, the Ukrainian deputy mentioned the management of Ukraerorukh, who did not manage to ensure proper security to close the airspace on part Ukraine’s territory, however, along with this, it is imperative to create a tribunal that will allow to identify other perpetrators of this tragedy.

In connection with such a statement, it should be assumed that specialists who are currently searching for the perpetrators and studying the details of the plane crash will certainly pay attention to the perpetrators on the part of Ukraine, since in fact, if the airspace for the flight of civilian aircraft were closed, and this is the most important prerogative in the war zone, the tragedy could have been avoided.