Ukrainian Su-24 shot down while trying to get out of the missile attack

In Ukraine, a Su-24 front-line bomber was shot down.

An attempt by the Ukrainian military to strike using a Su-24 front-line bomber ended in failure for the crew of the combat aircraft and the Ukrainian Air Force. During the strikes, the supersonic bomber received serious engine damage. As a result, at a low altitude, he tried to get out of the shelling of air defense systems that were deployed in the area, however, he almost instantly came under fire from anti-aircraft installations and man-portable anti-aircraft missile systems, as a result of which he was shot down.

In the video footage, you can see how a huge column of flame escapes from two engines of the Ukrainian Su-24 front-line bomber. Despite this, the front-line bomber pilot still manages to control the aircraft and even evade attacks using MANPADS. In particular, you can see how two missiles pass by the plane. However, thanks to the opening of fire from an anti-aircraft gun, the plane was still able to hit, as a result of which control over the latter was lost and it fell to the ground.

Despite significant losses of Su-24 front-line bombers, the Ukrainian Air Force continues to operate them.


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