Zone 51


Not a joke: the secret American base gathered to storm 1,5 million

Washington was worried about the intentions of 1,5 million Americans by storm to take a secret military base.

A few days ago, calls to take the American military air base in Nevada by storm began to spread on social networks. If initially the event looked like an unsuccessful joke, then in a few weeks the number of people willing to penetrate the most secret American military facility increased to 1,5 millions. That fact is remarkable. that many of the citizens took it very seriously, threatening to take up arms in order to resist the military.

Washington, in particular, Laura Macandrews, spokeswoman for the US Air Force, made a statement saying that the actions of the American military against all storming people would be the toughest.

“[The 51 zone] is an open training ground for the US Air Force, and we would discourage anyone from trying to enter the area where we train the US military. The USAF is always ready to defend America and its property. ”- She said.

Nevertheless, the number of people willing to take part in an attack on the most secret US facility in history is growing daily, and although the likelihood that all 1,5 million people will indeed become participants in the assault is extremely small, experts express serious concern.

"Even if we talk about a thousand Americans, the Pentagon should already begin to lose their nerves, since they are unlikely to agree to open fire on their own citizens in Washington.", - the expert notes.