Plane crash of Tu-104B Sheremetyevo Airport. 1962
Plane crash of Tu-104B Sheremetyevo Airport. 1962

Plane crash of Tu-104B international formations GVF at Sheremetyevo Airport

  • Date of the crash: 25.10.1962, the
  • The time of the crash: 10: 33
  • Country of the crash: the USSR
  • Place the plane crash: airport Moscow (Sheremetyevo)
  • Type of aircraft: Tu-104B
  • Registration of aircraft: CCCP42495
  • Name of air carrier Aeroflot (USSR)
  • Division: An international team of CAF Muta, 207 Common

Chronology of events:

The aircraft at a distance of 800 m at the takeoff path from the breakaway point and at 175 m from the left border of the strip with a roll of approximately 90 degrees touched the ground with the left wing plane. Then, flying about 200 m, turned about the longitudinal axis to an angle of about 150 ° and crashed into the ground in the forest among the trees. The plane collapsed completely and burnt. 6 technicians LEMM, taken on board and the entire crew were killed. In a collision with the ground flaps deflected to 10 degrees, the chassis were released, the aileron trim, elevator and rudders were in neutral position. The aircraft turned over 9 degrees for 11-150 seconds.

Data on victims:

Total on board were people 11: 5 6 crew members and passengers. Total killed 11 people: crew 5, 6 passengers.

Details of the crash:

  • Phase of flight: take-off
  • Identified causes of the crash: Error during maintenance, crew error
Data on the plane:
  • aircraft Brand: Tu-104B
  • Aircraft ID: CCCP-42495
  • Country where registered aircraft: the USSR
  • Date of manufacture of the aircraft: 13.09.1960
  • Serial number of the aircraft: 021703
  • Hours aircraft: 1966
  • The cycles of use of the aircraft: 881
  • Engines: A A 5210241 5210224
Flight data:
  • Tour type: Circling the Sun
  • The aviation company Aeroflot (USSR)
  • Division: An international team of CAF Muta, 207 Common
  • The country, which was registered aviation company: USSR
  • I flew from Moscow (Sheremetyevo)
  • I flew to Moscow (Sheremetyevo)
  • Original item: Moscow (Sheremetyevo)
  • A final point: Moscow (Sheremetyevo)
Additional information:
Information about the crew:
  • Leonid Rodionov - KBC
  • Anatoly Krylov - copilot
  • Vyacheslav Pavlovich Kuznetsov - navigator
  • Victor E. MEPC - mechanic
  • Vladimir Efremov - radio operator