Airline Airline Auer
Airline Airline Auer

Airline Airline Auer (Our Airline). Official site.


Our Airline basic data:

  • Airline country: Australia.
  • National Aviation Company of the Republic of Nauru, the name of the past - AirNauru.
  • Year of appearance: 1970.


Airline codes:

  • IATA airline code: ON.
  • ICAO airline code: RON.


Airline Airline Auer. Official site: http://

Airline Airline Auer. Official site.

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Contact details:

  • Main airports airlines: Nauru.
  • Airline mailing address: Australia, Queensland, Brisbane, 99 Creek Street, Level 3, Naura Air Corporation.
  • City airline phone: +61732296455.
  • Airline fax: +61732296344.
  • E-mail Airlines: [email protected].
  • The airline has the following types of aircraft: Boeing737-300, Boeing737-400.




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