Miami International Airport (USA)

Miami Airport (Miami International Airport). Official site.


Basic data of Miami airport:

  • Airport Country: US Miami Airport (Miami International Airport). Official site..
  • GMT time zone (summer / winter): -5 / -6.
  • Latitude geographical 25.79, longitude geographic -80.29.
  • The geographical location of the airport: in 11 kilometers north-west of the city of Miami.


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Miami (Miami International Airport). Official site:


Miami Airport logoMiami International Airport is located in 13 kilometers north-west of the center of Miami. This is the main transport hub that connects the US and Latin America. It was opened in 1928 year.

All this time the airport infrastructure is constantly growing and developing.

Nowadays the territory of the airport is equipped with a modern security system and video surveillance. This ensures a high level of safety and comfort of passengers.

But, unfortunately, in addition to modern security systems and high level of passenger traffic, the Miami International Airport is subject to a large number of negative reviews from passengers. The main share of complaints accounted for a small number of indicators, long queues are very long transitions between airport services. For example, jet-lagged passengers have to walk about a kilometer to get to the terminal to check the immigration service of documents, where you can find a very long line.

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No less distance will have to go up to the luggage compartment, where you can expect a far greater problem. System baggage flawed, whereby the baggage can be easily lost. At the same time help from the airport staff can not wait.

As already mentioned, the airport is very small pointers may therefore be difficult and in order to leave the airport. For example, the same indicators are both the taxi and the shuttle to the «SuperShuttle».

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To avoid such difficulties do not succeed, you just need to be mentally prepared for them.


1) Railroad.

Airport announced three railway lines, which can be reached in many localities.

2) Taxi.

The price of a trip from the airport to the city of Miami is strictly fixed. It is 22 $. Time on the road will be 25 minutes.

3) bus.

A large number of bus routes provides an opportunity to reach not only the city center but also in other places. Fare - 2 $.

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System maintenance.

Despite all the shortcomings, the airport is a wide range of services:

  • - information centre;
  • - car rental;
  • - conference hall;
  • - post office;
  • - Currency exchange and ATMs;
  • - Spa - and beauty salon;
  • - Hotel;
  • - luggage storage;
  • - A large number of cafes, bars and restaurants.


  • The geographical coordinates of the airport:  Latitude (25.79), Longitude (-80.29)
  • Area information: 11 km northwest of Miami
  • The number of airport terminals: 1.


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The main airport codes:

  • IATA airport code: MIA.
  • ICAO airport code: KMIA.


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