Syria News 29 August 2019 of the year
Syria News 29 August 2019 year. SAA liberates four settlements, Maarrat-en-Nuuman covered with air strikes, VKS struck at 5 kilometers from the Turkish border

Syria News 29 August 2019 year. CAA frees four settlements Maarrat-en-Nuuman was covered by air strikes, the air forces struck at 5 kilometers from the Turkish border

The latest news of the fighting in Syria on 29 August 2019 year

Syrian forces continue the offensive

A day earlier, an attack by militants led to the seizure of three settlements at once in the southeastern part of the Hama province, however, after a few hours, the Syrian government forces were able to successfully counterattack the terrorists, and not only knock the militants out of the region, but also liberate Al-Havin settlements, Zarzur, Tal Aghbar and Al Tamana.

According to information provided by the Syrian government forces, preparations are underway for the liberation of the Um Jalal settlement.

It is known that those Syrian units that successfully liberated the northern part of the province of Hama also take part in the liberation of the Syrian province of Hama, as evidenced by the corresponding photographs.

Maarrat-en-Nuuman under VKS strikes

Despite the fact that the offensive operation of the Syrian government forces is still in a passive phase, the Syrian Air Force and Russian Air Force combat aircraft are actively bombing terrorist positions.

Today afternoon, combat aircraft was seen striking the city of Maarrat-en-Nuuman, located only 15-18 kilometers from the front line, which, obviously, determines the further goal of the Syrian military.

VKS hit Syrian-Turkish border

According to the data provided by social networks, today a Russian military plane launched air strikes in the vicinity of the village of Salkin, located only 5 kilometers from the Syrian-Turkish border.

It is not known what exactly these blows are connected with and whether they can lead to aggravations between Russia and Turkey.