Launch of signal rockets: photo, video
Launch of signal rockets: photo, video

Launch of signal rockets: photo, video


A signal rocket is a special pyrotechnic means of signal visual (in some cases, audible) communications, which is used to issue alerts, short commands, mark and mutual recognition of their planes, ships, troops, and transmit transfer, call and cease-fire signals and target designation.


Signal rockets are launched from a signal pistol, although there is a one-time device called the “Flare gun”.

flare launch

The design of the cartridge (flare)


In the Shpagin flare gun, for example, it is structurally similar to a hunting cartridge of the fourth caliber with stars instead of a fraction (that is, small cylinders from a luminous composition that burned with bright smokeless fire). The flare consisted of a brass-cardboard sleeve, a cardboard wad with a gauze circle, an expelling charge, a cap, stars, a felt wad, a cardboard wad, a cardboard box and a distinctive circle with projections.




The flare should be as visible as possible, therefore two effects are applied here: either flue or light. Accordingly, lighting flares are used for lighting and for giving signals at night, and smoke lights are used during the day. In any conditions it is recommended to take two types of missiles. Poor visibility, wind, significantly reduce their effectiveness. Smoke flare can be seen for several minutes. Illumination - within a few seconds, but special variations with a parachute are offered. They work for several tens of seconds.


Lighting signal flares differ in different colors of a luminescence. At the same time, their colors allow to encode different information, and with the simultaneous launch of several rockets (as a rule, up to three), the number of signals can be more than ten.

All flares have a pyrotechnic 2 charge. One is for engine operation, while the second is for receiving a smoke or light signal. According to the same scheme, the charges are arranged in a signal cartridge for a hunting rifle and for a shot to different artillery.


We give the value of the possible signals given by signal flares of different colors:


• green color - everything is in order, you can continue working;

• red and green - matches, cigarettes and food are required;

• red color - help is required;

• red, green and red colors - provide a map of our location and indicate the direction of exit for the planes;

• red and red color - dressings and medicines are required;

• red, red and red - urgent medical attention required.


When a signal is sent from several flares, they are carried out at intervals of 8-10 seconds. The interval between the individual signals is at least 1 minutes.


Rockets for signal pistol


The most famous, affordable and cheap kind of flares. They are launched from a compact signal pistol and received the name of the people - "Flare gun". The most popular model is the Shpagin flare gun, which was created in 1943 of the year and is still part of the armament. In addition, several dozens of other models are produced in different countries based on it. Cartridge weight - 50-75 grams, caliber - 26 mm. Expelling charge - a simple powder. Signal has different options in colors that we have already listed above. In addition, color markings are used to designate the cartridges themselves.

flare gun LP-42

The shot from the 26 mm signal pistol is not capable of carrying a large combustible charge, so the most effective way to make the signal brighter is a well-known pyrotechnic technique - the asterisk. Such a charge with flammable materials laid so that when burning, they scattered on different sides. Army rocket launcher is equipped with red, white, yellow and green ammunition.


Alarm cartridge going to a hunting rifle


Hunters take a signal cartridge with them to indicate their location when they leave the route, disaster, loss of other types of communication. Often, even in the presence of high-quality radio communications, it is impossible to mark your location for other hunters. First of all, this is relevant for the forest, in which there is no orientation. Even in this case, you may need a signal cartridge. Just in case, it makes sense to take with a few signal cartridges. They are bought in hunting stores with a hunting ticket. In addition, they are widely used by the military, as the purchase is possible in the Ventorg.

signal cartridges

The hunter is important insignificant weight of the emergency complex, its long shelf life and protection from moisture. Signal cartridges have all these qualities. They use military practices, modern reliable technological solutions. In addition to cartridges for a rifle, a separate device with a trigger mechanism (it can also be called a “hunter’s signal”) and a separate device with a barrel having a large caliber are also offered.


Color additives for light and smoke signal


For military use only green, red and white (white and yellow, colorless) rockets are widely used. The following color additives are well developed and optimized for them:

  • the red home signal and the red color of the flame are strontium nitrate;
  • green color of smoke and flame - barium nitrate;
  • deep and blue color - copper chloride;
  • yellow - sodium, as well as its compounds;
  • white smoke and the color of the flame - a variety of gunpowder, aluminum.

smoke alarm

We have given the general notation of signals. You can use any other schemes, but only after prior arrangement. All other colors (orange, carmine, purple) are produced by mixing metal salts. In addition, organic dyes have been used for a long time. For example, the signal orange house is obtained by simply adding a dye of the corresponding color.


Usually white rockets are called lighting. Their pyrotechnic composition is designed for maximum high light output and bright white flame with burning. There is an objective and simple method of calculation: the ratio of the intensity of light in Cd is measured for each weight unit of the composition.


The principle of launching a flare


Preparation of jet cartridges for firing is carried out under the supervision of army commanders. Launching a flare is easy. The principle of launch is as follows: take a signal rocket into the left rocket so that the metal base in the launch tube can be wrapped around the fingers - in this case, the palm should not in any case extend beyond its lower cut. The flare, firmly clamped in the hand, is held at chest level. In this case, the signal cartridge should be directed upwards and slightly forward from the one who launches the rocket.


The cap is screwed with the right hand from the launch tube, while the position of the fixture remains unchanged. After the cap is screwed, the lanyard as well as the metal ring are pulled out of the starting tube. But try to avoid sudden jerks. Flares are launched directly from the hands of a team.

To launch a signal flare from hand, do the following: use your right hand to grip the end of the lanyard bounded by a ring. Then the rocket will need the necessary direction and angle of its launch, after which the lanyard is pulled out with a jerk. Following the launch of the rocket, the launch tube with a lanyard is thrown.


Most often, autops are used as a stop. The absence of stops significantly increases the dispersion of missiles, which requires a large number of rounds for target lighting.


Precautions when launching flares


In severe frosts and when luminous stars fall to the ground, the shooting angle of the cartridges increases significantly. It is advisable to track that the hand, pulling the lanyard, moved along the axis of the pressed cartridge simultaneously with the machine. Otherwise, when jerking the cartridge in the upper part can get lost, with the result that the rocket will simply get off the target course.


If you shoot 40 mm cartridges you must consider the direction of the wind. His presence will carry the parachute with a hot star to the side. As a result, in the presence of a side wind, the direction of the shot is given, taking into account the direction of the wind. With a strong headwind, the use of lighting cartridges is not recommended.


Obviously, you should not use signal flares close to the located buildings and towards the people. In addition, when starting it is important to take care of their own safety.


One of the main drawbacks of signal lighting in combat conditions is that the shooting declassifies its location, as a result of which it becomes available to the enemy. Therefore, the use of lighting cartridges in emergency situations should be carried out only when absolutely necessary.