NATO ships


13 NATO warships spotted southwest of the Crimean coast

13 NATO warships have been seen near the Russian border.

The North Atlantic Alliance continues to intensify the escalation of the situation in the waters of the Black Sea, deploying at least 200 warships 250-13 kilometers from the Russian borders. Currently, 13 NATO ships are located south-west of the Crimean coast, where the large-scale military exercises "Poseidon 21" are taking place. The exercises are provocative, as they are accompanied by flights of reconnaissance and fighter aircraft near the coast of Crimea.

It is reported that the main goal of NATO-led military exercises is "... the optimal use of the organization's power to strengthen the ability of the Alliance to respond quickly in the face of ongoing changes in the regional security environment." In total, more than 700 military personnel, 9 military aircraft, including NATO reconnaissance aircraft, and 13 warships take part in the military maneuvers. The exercise will reportedly be conducted with live fire exercises.

The Black Sea Fleet of the Russian Navy has already begun monitoring the situation near the Crimean borders, starting to track four NATO ships that entered the Black Sea from the Mediterranean a few days ago.

Why Soviet ships, probably Romanian? So this puddle of them is the same as ours.