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500 fighters of the Russian Aerospace Forces are ready to destroy 125 thousand army of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in 30 minutes

Russia is ready to destroy half of the Ukrainian army in just half an hour.

Kiev's threats against Russia and the escalation of the situation both in the Donbass and on the Russian border threaten to provoke an armed conflict between Russia and Ukraine. Nevertheless, the Ukrainian military will not be able to do anything, since half of the regular army of the Armed Forces of Ukraine will be destroyed in just half an hour - Russia is ready to use 500 fighters for this at once.

As follows from the information provided, to date, Russian military air bases located in close proximity to the Ukrainian border have more than 500 fighters of various types. In the event of an armed conflict between Russia and Ukraine, the Russian Aerospace Forces will be ready in just half an hour to sweep away half of the Ukrainian army, completing this in only three large-scale raids. It is noteworthy that this information was announced in Kiev itself.

"In the event of the most dangerous scenario of unleashing an open armed aggression against Ukraine, the Russian Federation may create target aviation groups with a total number of up to 500 aircraft.", - quotes the data of the Forbes edition.

Given the current state of the Ukrainian army, Kiev simply will not be able to oppose Russia: during the first air raid, Russia will destroy enemy military airfields and air defense systems, after which strikes will be delivered to 125 army of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, concentrated in the Donbass.

You read further that it was announced in the Ukrainian media!

They forgot about five motorcycles with machine guns.

ISIS cannot be destroyed because it is an ideology.
"They defeated ISIS in Syria, freeing 95% of the country's territory from it," it was said. They only left Idlib so that the ISIS people would gather there, and not scatter around the world.

Have you read the article? The opinion that "Russia is ready to destroy half of the Ukrainian army in just half an hour" was originally voiced in Kiev. And already an assessment of this opinion was published by Forbes.
In Russia, no one said that, neither through the lips of officials, nor in the press.

Read about Israel's unreported pilots in Egypt. In total, the air defense worked for 1 day. Develop.

Don't you read Stoltenberg ?! He has already spoken out.)))

BG, let me disagree, whatever the contradictions in NATO, it is completely incorrect to compare the economically and technically backward Russian Federation with it. Have you ever heard the victorious reports of NATO or the US Army about the adoption of new, unparalleled weapons? Unlikely. But the names of the daily emerging Russian superweapons cannot even be remembered. And this is in a country where, even with total censorship, scandals regularly flare up over banal theft in the army and at military enterprises. This underlines a simple bluff for internal use, since the real situation is well known to the intelligence services of Western countries.

What is the Su-54 and in which army?

500 fighters in three raids? Is it like a computer game for them? Hehe ...

GB, hoping for NATO is a vain labor, obsolete, torn apart by contradictions, weighed down by useless satellites with toy armies, the body is more likely dead than alive. The organization involved in the "sale of military property" and political decision-making has long lost its military component

Russia has more than four hundred SU-27 and SU-35 alone. WHAT IS UNCLEAR? And not for three, but for ONE raid they will cover the whole dry air. And that's just fighter-bombers.

Nobody will fight with the Russian Federation for the sake of music foundation 404 country.

The article begins with a categorically boastful statement: “Russia is ready to destroy half of the Ukrainian army in just half an hour.” Meanwhile, no really strong and self-respecting state will ever make such statements. It will show itself in the war itself. For example, Israel is not one of those who boasted of its military power, but in six days smashed the army of the allied USSR Egypt, conquering foreign territories, expanded and strengthened its borders.

You will see when you die.

This is not "put Russia". It was the Judoka who set himself up as his .. expectation of endless error.

Of course NATO will not let Russia twitch. In 2014, Russia was left with a nose, more precisely with the Crimea. And now they will again leave now already with the Outskirts. England has allocated 600 infantrymen - strongholds.

In the public domain, that su54 as many as two pieces in the army, in 2022 will be sent

NATO is not even going to fight for Ukraine.

It was not Russia that was put in place, but the Russian leadership set itself up.

I would like to take a look at these fighters.

These thousands of Ukrainians have mothers, fathers, children, brothers and sisters. Some live in Russia. Unlike America, which is pushing Ukrainian soldiers to their death, the Russian leadership is well aware of this. Otherwise, it would have long been something like the Carpathian republic from all over Ukraine.

igil has already been destroyed 5 times in 10 years))))

Russia was put in conditions where any step is worse than the other.

NATO will destroy you, do not even twitch.

Now fighters will bomb instead of bombers and attack aircraft. Ah yes, geniuses are sitting in Kiev.