Alexey Rogozin


Alexey Rogozin took over the company IL

Son Dmitriya Rogozina took over the company "IL".

On the eve of the day it became known that the Board of Directors of "United Aircraft Corporation" has decided to withdraw from the position of General Director Sergei Velmozhkina, who led the JSC "IL" to 2015 years, and appoint in his place Alekseya Rogozina. With what is connected such personnel changes, yet it remains unknown, however, independent experts believe that in a crisis situation, it is unacceptable, and only lead to the formation of a number of problems, especially since the "IL" the company's development strategy has been very promising.

It is important to clarify that the date of "IL" is engaged in manufacture of military aircraft IL-76, as well as civilian aircraft IL-96 and IL-114.

Dozavalit aviation and child attach about strategiya.Interesno, he at least something in the air make sense? Surely menedzherishka.

And where else to attach a son. Not as a mechanic on the verge of bankruptcy Machine Works.



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