US missile destroyer "USS Ross" invaded Russian territorial waters near Kaliningrad for 8 kilometers

The Americans invaded Russian territorial waters twice in a week.

The American missile destroyer USS Ross violated the Russian maritime border near Kaliningrad, plunging into the territorial waters of the Russian Federation at a distance of about 7-8 kilometers. Subsequently, the American warship, armed, by the way, with Tomahawk cruise missiles, turned 90 degrees and left the territorial waters of Russia.

The second incident in a week with the invasion of US Navy warships into Russian territorial waters is very serious concern, especially against the background of the fact that the Russian military failed to prevent such violations of the state border, not to mention the fact that tracking of warships should be conducted even on as the latter approach the territorial waters of the country.

"If you believe the Internet drew, then the American destroyer USS Ross, visiting the Polish port of Gdynia, about 13 hours ago deliberately invaded the territorial waters of Russia opposite Kaliningrad (see lines on the map), violating everything that is possible and that is not allowed.", - this is reported by "Telegram" -the "operational line" community

There are no official comments from the Russian Navy command on this matter yet, however, given the fact that the USS Ross missile destroyer covered 7-8 kilometers in Russian territorial waters, after which it returned to its port of departure, it indicates that the provocation was purposeful, and the Russian ships could not successfully resist it.

The fact that the Americans will comment on their appearance in Russian waters this time raises no less questions.

2 km., 7 km., And now, apparently, they will enter the port, they will shit on the pier and with a leisurely gait, the weary port prostitute will hide behind the horizon. And the Commanders-in-Chief of the fleets with surprised faces will ask: "Who did this?" Or, when not knowing what is being done in such cases, they will arrange a drill!