Azerbaijan attacked Armenia and seized part of the territory

The Azerbaijani side attacked the territory of Armenia.

In the evening, the positions of the Armenian military were attacked by Azerbaijani forces. After many hours of skirmish in the border region, the Azerbaijani army was able to force the Armenian military to retreat and seize part of the territory of the neighboring republic. The shelling continued almost all night. At the same time, a number of sources report that unknown unmanned aerial vehicles flew over the territory of Armenia seized by Azerbaijan: according to a number of data, we are talking about Bayraktar TB2 drones.

The situation in the region is very tense. The likelihood of full-scale clashes is very high and the CSTO countries may well be involved in resolving the military conflict, since Baku's actions are a pretext for the transfer of military personnel to this region from the member states of the Collective Security Treaty.

“On the evening of July 19, starting at 18:40, the Azerbaijani armed forces for several hours fired at the Armenian positions located on the Yeraskh section of the Armenian-Azerbaijani border with firearms of various calibers. Grenade launchers were used regularly. The situation remains tense as of 23:00. The Ministry of Defense of the Republic of Armenia warns once again that any border provocation will be met with a tough response, and the entire responsibility for the aggravation of the situation lies with the military-political leadership of Azerbaijan. ", - reports "Telegram" -channel "Baghramyan 26".

It is known that Russian peacekeeping forces are also present on the border between Armenia and Azerbaijan, but there is no information about the latter's intervention by the current hour.

The Ottomans are ALREADY in the Caucasus. And they will be in Central Asia.

Armenia is a mistake of nature

Everything that is written on Russian sites is the work of Armenian writers, and all this is presented on behalf of the Russians, although they have nothing to do with it.

You say everything correctly. An ethical contradiction is if the Turks enter it ..

right! You say Correctly!

I agree 100% under every word.

Sergei, you are not only not objective, you are wrong. The war in Karabakh does not fit under the CSTO, since it is the officially recognized territory of Azerbaijan, not Armenia, and the Armenians themselves did NOT recognize Karabakh. How can the CSTO help here?
But the United States is slowly surrendering "Kiev", although they do not have an agreement, they are not going to fight and the Nord Stream has been fully recognized by lifting the sanctions.

Russian sites as one disseminate information on behalf of Armenia, I am about your conscience and do not ask, I want to ask why do we need to shell the territory of Armenia to pressurize the situation if we already won this war and returned our lands at least once, be objective

Russia, the CSTO ..., tell us about Ilya Muromets. Armenia will support it, not a country, but solid fairy tales and epics.

Armenia is betrayed and cowardly sold ... Stop making the world laugh with stories about the CSTO and so on ...

Lies and enmity are a national trait of Armenians, well, how much can you lie to yourself and the world that you do not live peacefully. in all likelihood, Azerbaijan will have to once again set the brains of the invaders. The Armenian side did not adhere to the implementation of 4 resolutions of the UN Security Council, I doubt that they will adhere to the implementation of the statement of the trilateral agreement signed by them. Dear Russians and Russians, do not follow the lead of these provocateurs, they shamelessly and with special impudence will drag you into this conflict. For me, as an Azerbaijani, it is quite clear that this is not a problem between Azerbaijan and Russia, and Azerbaijan is not Russia's equal militarily. It is the Armenian side that kindles the war and wants to drag the rest into this heat by force. Apparently, the deaths of other people's sons are not enough for the political leadership of Armenia

They repulsed themselves, wounded an officer of the Azerbaijani army and captured them shouting! No way people are fake!

Apparently this is a fake - "Sputnik Armenia" writes about the wound of the head of the Yeraskh region, as a result of the shelling - "... On July 19, the Azerbaijani Armed Forces used mortars ..."
And NOTHING about "Seizure of the state territory of Armenia".

Yes, FAKE !!!

The Armenians themselves chose the Capitulator. Let them disentangle themselves. All the same, the Ottomans have already come to the Caucasus.
And for all the CSTO take the rap / fight one Russian Federation for the Capitulator is somehow strange.

Attention ! It's fake!



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