Militants shot down a Mi-35 helicopter with a rocket

Militants attacked a Mi-35 helicopter from a portable air defense system.

A few hours ago, a Russian Mi-35 helicopter, which was in service with the Myanmar Air Force, was shot down from a portable anti-aircraft missile system of an unknown type. It is known that the rotorcraft launched missile attacks on the insurgent positions, however, the latter covered the Russian rotorcraft, acquired by Myanmar at the end of 2019, with dense fire from anti-aircraft installations, as a result of which the crew decided to retreat, however, the militants fired anti-aircraft the missile that destroyed the aircraft.

At the disposal of the editors were unique video footage made directly by the rebels themselves, in which you can see how the Russian helicopter is already leaving its area under the dense fire of anti-aircraft guns, and after a few more moments the rocket itself gets into the rotorcraft.

Colonel Nau Boo, spokesman for the Kachin Revolutionary Army for Independence, told Myanmar Now that Kachin's forces attacked and destroyed a helicopter between the villages of Mio Tit and Kone Lo in Momauke at about 8 am. “We shot him down during the fight. Fighters also arrived in the area, "Colonel Nau Boo said. The clash took place near Alau Boom, a strategically important mountain base that the Kachin Revolutionary Army captured on March 25. Myanmar forces launched numerous air and ground attacks in an attempt to recapture it, but suffered large losses", - reports the publication "Myanmar Now".



The information that the Mi-35 helicopter was shot down was clarified by local residents in social networks:

“Long live the resistance! We changed the rules of the game: The Kachin Revolutionary Army of Independence shot down a Russian Mi-35 attack helicopter. Chief Terrorist Min Aung Hlaing uses air strikes to terrorize minority villages. "- said in the message.

It is known that in total there are 8 Mi-24 \ 35 attack helicopters in service with Myanmar.

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