More than 800 Taliban captured by resistance forces in Panjshir in just XNUMX hours

More than 800 Taliban were captured by Afghan militias.

Resistance forces in Panjshir and unofficial sources of the Taliban terrorist movement (banned in Russia - ed.) Report that at least 800 terrorists were captured by the militia during another failed Taliban offensive. Basically, we are talking about the wounded Taliban, but there are also those militants who voluntarily surrendered in small detachments, accepting the ultimatum of the Northern Alliance.

It is known that over the past 1600 hours the Taliban terrorist movement has lost about 1800-XNUMX militants in uncontrolled areas (including those taken prisoner). This testifies to the fact that the terrorists are suffering colossal losses and still cannot take control of even the approaches to the territory of the Panjshir province occupied by the militia.

Sources of the RIA Novosti news agency also confirmed reports of significant losses among the Taliban. At the same time, the Russian news agency claims that we are talking about a thousand terrorists who were captured and voluntarily sided with the militia in the past day.

Earlier it became known that a large detachment of the Taliban, numbering more than 1000 people, was ambushed by the resistance forces. Cut off from the main forces, almost all of the terrorists were eliminated by the militias. At the same time, sources in the ranks of the Taliban report that significant problems were created by the mining of access roads by resistance forces, as a result of which about 300 of 40 armored vehicles were lost even without a fight. In just the last 72 hours, the Taliban have lost about 100-120 light armored vehicles in Panjshir and on the outskirts of the uncontrolled province.

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