Bulgaria will transfer to Ukraine its surplus air defense systems and all faulty air defense systems with missiles for them

The Bulgarian Parliamentary Defense Commission has decided to provide Ukraine with faulty, obsolete or surplus man-portable air defense systems and various types of anti-aircraft missiles. This proposal is part of a draft decision on the provision of additional military assistance to Ukraine, submitted to parliament by representatives of the parties GERB-SDS, “Continuing Change - Democratic Bulgaria” and DPS.

The proposal states that it is necessary to determine the excess quantities of weapons and equipment necessary to equip military formations in wartime and prepare a proposal for the provision of these weapons and equipment to Ukraine. It is also proposed to negotiate with NATO allied governments on the deployment of allied anti-aircraft and coastal anti-ship missile systems to strengthen Bulgaria's defense capabilities.

The Bulgarian Ministry of Defense intends to take steps to join a coalition of countries to create the capabilities of the Ukrainian Air Force to operate F-16 aircraft, including joint training and use of the country's airspace. The decision also allows up to four infantry/mechanized companies with up to 160 personnel from the Ukrainian Armed Forces to remain on Bulgarian territory for the purpose of education and training.

The Deputy Minister emphasized that all weapons are faulty and cannot be repaired in Bulgaria.


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