India named the reasons why it will buy Russian S-400

India decided to reveal the main reasons why Delhi cannot abandon the Russian S-400.

Despite serious criticism of Indian military experts and analysts, it became known that India would not be able to refuse to purchase Russian S-400 systems. According to an article by Indian military observer Rahul Bedi, the key reason why Delhi will buy Russian systems is the lack of any alternatives - today this complex is the most long-range in the world and at the same time, one of the cheapest means of combating both air and and for ballistic purposes.

According to Bedi, possible US sanctions for the purchase of Russian S-400 systems are just a small price to pay for air defense systems that allow full control of Indian airspace and the airspace over the territories of neighboring states, not to mention the simply colossal effectiveness of Russian "Triumphs" ".

In addition to this key reason, India has many others, including the country's lack of long-range air defense systems, the need to protect against possible ballistic missile attacks from China and Pakistan, etc.

Experts believe that the United States is unlikely to impose any sanctions against India for the purchase of Russian S-400s, fearing a response from Delhi.

Donbass really needs such a complex



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