T-90 Tank


Iraq switched to operation of Russian T-90 tanks instead of American "Abrams"

The Iraqi authorities switched to the use of T-90 tanks, instead of the American "Abrams".

The Iraqi authorities decided to purchase a large consignment of Russian T-90 tanks, instead of American Abrams tanks, not against the background of the fact that Russian equipment has successfully proven itself in hot climates and, in fact, has become impregnable for militants, since in some cases, jihadists could not inflict serious damage to Russian armored vehicles, even with the use of modern anti-tank systems.

As follows from the information provided, the American military at some point simply stopped servicing the Abrams tanks in service with the Iraqi military, however, the situation with the Russian T-90s turned out to be completely different - these reliable vehicles could be repaired even in the field, by besides, the Iraqi military did not observe any problems with the T-90.

According to analysts, by 2030, Iraq may completely abandon the operation of American tanks, although it is obvious that without expensive maintenance, this could happen much earlier - by 2025.

Among other things, in recent years, the Iraqi army has concluded many contracts with Russia for the supply of Russian weapons, however, in the near future, Baghdad may acquire Russian combat aircraft and even S-400 complexes, which has already been repeatedly reported.