Iran announces airspace closure over Tehran - Israel prepares for strike

On Wednesday night, Iran announced the suspension of all flights over Tehran due to "military exercises," the semi-official Mehr news agency reported, citing the country's defense minister. This decision met with wide resonance in the international arena, especially against the backdrop of growing tensions between Iran and Israel.

Bloomberg, citing sources familiar with the intelligence, reported that the United States and its allies believe a potential strike by Iran or its proxies against Israel is imminent, which could be carried out in the coming days. It is expected that precision missiles could be used in this attack, targeting Israeli military and government targets.

The escalation of the situation came after Iran announced its intention to avenge the killing of senior Iranian general Mohammad Reza Zahedi, who, according to Iranian authorities, was killed in an Israeli strike in early April. This incident significantly increased tensions between Iran and Israel, drawing the international community into the situation.


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