Fighter Su-75 named the Russian killer of the Swedish Gripen

The Russian Su-75 has been called the killer of the Swedish Gripen fighters.

Against the background of recent statements by the Swedish Ministry of Defense that the JAS 39E / F Gripen fighter developed by the Swedish military is capable of dealing with the Russian Su-30 and Su-35, foreign military experts announced that the Russian fifth generation Su -75 is the "Russian killer" of Swedish warplanes,

The recent statement by the head of the Ministry of Industry and Trade Denis Manturov that the Russian Su-75 is a high-class combat aircraft was picked up in the West as well.

“We must return to the cohort of countries that sells similar equipment. If we take the American counterpart - this is the F-35, Europe - Gripen, also a Chinese aircraft, which was developed together with Pakistan (JF-17 Thunder) "- said Manturov during the air show, where the Russian combat aircraft was presented.

Western media called the Russian Su-75 a very dangerous enemy for any 4th generation aircraft, including the Swedish JAS 39E / F Gripen.

“The Russian Su-75 fighter is too tough for any of the existing 4th generation fighters, it even claims to be the“ Russian killer ”of the Swedish Gripen fighters. In all likelihood, he will be able to deal with even such an enemy as the F-35 ", - said the Swedish analyst.

How can a non-existent plane be some kind of killer?
Our journalists have an amazing ability to name and write about things that do not yet exist.
Maybe let's wait?

The Su-75 differs from Gripen in only one way. Gripen has been flying and on sale for ten years already, and the SU-75 is a very beautiful model.

I am personally offended by the comparison of the Su-75 with the flying trash Fu-35

Quote: "..Gripen is able to figure it out ..."
- They have not left yet, but have already come! )))
Gripen did not meet in battle with either the SU-27 or the SU-35, but already "may")))
And our Su-75 should not be called a "Gripen killer" - its task is to PROTECT RUSSIA, not to kill some "Gripen".