Iran nuclear facility


Israeli aircraft were seen in the sky a few hours before the explosion at an Iranian nuclear facility. Video

An explosion at an Iranian nuclear facility could be related to Israel.

A powerful explosion two days ago at an Iranian secret nuclear facility could be directly related to the confrontation between Iran and Israel. The reason for such a conclusion by experts was that a few hours before the incident, Israeli fighters were seen lifted from one of the air bases, after which, disconnecting the transponders, they advanced in an unknown direction. According to Tehran, the cause of the explosion was a gas leak, however, an explosion captured by random witnesses indicates the detonation of explosives.

“After reports of a fire in Netense appeared in the press, the Iranian Atomic Energy Organization, without going into details, reported that there was a certain incident at the facility. City officials only confirmed that there was a fire. The authorities assure that the work at the facility, despite the emergency, did not stop. Later, Iranian authorities published a photograph of the building, which was allegedly damaged by a fire. The Associated Press draws attention to the fact that the walls of the brick structure are charred, the roof is destroyed, the doors are torn off the hinges, and fragments lie around, which may indirectly confirm the version of the explosion. It is also noted that the fire that started at night was so bright that it was visible from space and recorded by an American government satellite. ”- сообщает publication.

Among other things, experts pay attention to the fact that, judging by the video from the scene, there is no question of any gas explosion. And although this does not prove the possible involvement of Israel, analysts draw attention to the fact that it was Tel Avitv who actively advocated ending the Iranian nuclear program, although it is engaged in the development of nuclear weapons.

Given the absence of any radioactive bursts, we can talk about an explosion in the laboratory building, however, there are no official comments on this subject.