Emergency landing of plane


Canadian aircraft made an emergency landing because a passenger threats

A passenger plane belonging to the airline «Sunwing» made an emergency landing in Toronto because of the threat of one of the passengers.

According to Toronto authorities, the 25-year-old resident of Canada has repeatedly expressed threats towards the crew of the aircraft. The aircraft commander was forced to report this to the air traffic controller, after which it was decided to urgently land the plane. Immediately after boarding, special forces entered the plane, who led a violent young man and evacuated passengers from the plane.

After a thorough examination of a passenger airliner, no threats on board was found, but the young man already charged with several counts, including:

  • A public statement of threats;
  • security threat to the aircraft;
  • The threat of property.

At the moment, this fact is being investigated, and if the passenger’s guilt is proved, he faces up to several years imprisonment.