A column of Ukrainian troops was ambushed in the Limansky district

Ukrainian troops were ambushed near the village of Yampol.

The ambush on a large group of Ukrainian military was arranged after the Ukrainian military, having not made sure that it would be safe for the Ukrainian army to stay on the territory of this settlement, entered it. When the column was moving, heavy fire was suddenly opened on it, as a result of which the Armed Forces of Ukraine suffered quite serious losses.

The video footage appears to have been taken on September 30, when the Ukrainian military was trying to launch a counterattack on Yampil. However, being outside the armored vehicles, part of the Ukrainian military was liquidated on the spot, and some received various kinds of injuries. This is shown in the relevant video footage taken by one of the Ukrainian servicemen.

It is not known for certain how serious the losses of the Ukrainian military turned out to be, however, thanks to the arranged ambush, the offensive of the Ukrainian army in this direction was seriously hampered, since, in fact, the Armed Forces of Ukraine managed to enter the territory of Liman from the opposite side of this settlement. This indicates the impossibility of Ukrainian troops to use this direction due to serious losses.


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