Lithuania will veto the decision of the European Commission to lift the blockade of transit from the Kaliningrad region

Lithuania will not allow the lifting of the blockade from the Kaliningrad region.

Lithuania intends to continue the blockade of transit to the Kaliningrad region, even if the European Commission advocates the lifting of restrictions. As it became known, the Lithuanian authorities intend to use the right of veto and continue to block access to the Kaliningrad region. Earlier, the president of this country spoke in favor of continuing the blockade of transit to the Kaliningrad region, noting that Vilnius is ready to act in accordance with its own interests. At the same time, the possible use of the right of veto was confirmed by the Russian Foreign Ministry.

At the moment, it is known that the European Commission is preparing a document according to which transit "from Russia to Russia" should not be subject to sanctions previously imposed on the Russian side. Nevertheless, it is known that Vilnius is ready to continue blocking transit, even if the EU wants to ease sanctions.

The actual blockade of the Kaliningrad region began on June 18. Moreover, if initially the restrictions concerned only transportation by rail, then, starting from June 21, the restrictions also affected road freight transportation. Because of such actions on the part of Lithuania, Russia expressed serious dissatisfaction. Moreover, it is noted that the actions of Lithuania are hostile and may force the Russian side to take countermeasures.