The Ministry of Defense of Ukraine accused the Ukrainian military and mercenaries of the loss of Severodonetsk

The Ukrainian military and mercenaries were blamed for the loss of Severodonetsk.

The loss of control by Ukrainian troops over Severodonetsk turned out to be the fault of the Ukrainian military personnel and mercenaries themselves, who were present on the territory of the city. As it turned out, the Ukrainian military and members of private military companies, posting photographs and videos on social networks, themselves thwarted plans to hold the city. Moreover, apparently, during the retreat, the Ukrainian troops suffered very serious losses, since the retreat from Severodonetsk was disrupted. The data on this subject was announced by the defense department of Ukraine.

Deputy Minister of Defense of Ukraine Anna Malyar criticized Ukrainian military personnel and foreign mercenaries, who, by posting photos, videos and other information on social networks and passing on to the media, themselves led to the fact that the control of the Armed Forces of Ukraine over Severodonetsk was lost. According to Malyar, due to incompetence, previously existing plans were completely thwarted.

“Due to the appearance of such publications, the military operation was disrupted. Public demonstration of data to civilians on military operations before the official announcements of the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in general partly disrupts our military operations.- said the Deputy Minister of Defense of Ukraine Anna Malyar.

Previously, the Ukrainian military has repeatedly called for strikes by posting defended positions on social networks, which is likely. led to the disruption of the evacuation from Severodonetsk.

In turn, there is evidence that the Ukrainian military independently decided to leave their positions in the city and abandon military equipment due to the lack of further prospects for holding this region.