Complex 1L222M


The legendary Russian complex 1L222M was discovered at the Khmeimim airbase

The Russian military deployed the legendary 1L222-M Avtobaza-M complex in Syria.

The legendary Russian complex of executive electronic intelligence 1L222M "Avtobaza-M", which managed to destroy several American tactical attack drones, was spotted at a Russian military base in Syria. It is precisely because of the deployment of this complex that the American military no longer risks using its tactical and strategic unmanned aerial vehicles near the borders of Syria - with almost a 100% guarantee, the Russian Avtobaza-M will seize control over them and either destroy or successfully land such a drone already on territory of Syria.

The Russian 1L222M Avtobaza-M complex has been actively used and is currently being used by the Iranian military - it was thanks to this Russian development that Iran successfully captured several American drones and destroyed some of them near its borders.

Apparently, the Russian military also decided to choose a similar tactic, and if earlier American reconnaissance drones were regularly encountered near Russian military bases, now the United States is forced to abandon the latter in favor of reconnaissance aircraft, since interception of control over the latter is very difficult even for Russian complexes.

No, it's just someone lifted a shovel.

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Avtobaza is a passive radar complex.
And by definition, it cannot destroy anyone.