Against the backdrop of threats from Kiev, Russia began to massively transfer military aircraft to Crimea

Russia is massively deploying its military aircraft to Crimea.

According to information at the disposal of the news agency, Russia began to massively transfer its combat carrier aircraft to air bases located in the Crimea. The decision was taken quite unexpectedly. Apparently, it is caused by a series of new threats from Kiev and the buildup of the Armed Forces of its grouping near the Russian borders.

As follows from the data at the disposal of the editors, at the moment we are talking about the transfer of two regiments of carrier-based aviation to the Crimea. The fighters transferred to the peninsula were previously based at an airbase on the Novaya Zemlya archipelago and were part of the Northern Fleet of the Russian Navy.

It is known that the MiG-29K, Su-33 fighters and the Su-25UTG attack aircraft will be based in the western part of the peninsula, however, why exactly this was done is unknown, at least there are no official comments on this matter.

Remarkable is the fact that the deployment of carrier-based aircraft on the western coast of Crimea may be related precisely to the existing threats from NATO. At the same time, Russian pilots can practice intercepting enemy aircraft, especially against the background of the latter's regular flights near Russian borders.

"The first takeoff from a springboard with an angle of descent of eight degrees was performed on August 21, 1982 by a test pilot of OKB-155 of the Ministry of Aviation Industry of the USSR named after A.I. Mikoyan and M.I. Gurevich, Hero of the Soviet Union A. G. Fastovets on a Mig-29LL aircraft [12]. "
What else is "under Ukraine" !?

Come on?!? Probably the Russian Federation too. According to Forbes, oligarchs live in the west, in the west they pay taxes, keep money, receive treatment and study for their children.
More than half of the Kremlin and the EP party have dual citizenships.
The 100 largest companies in the Russian Federation have foreign persons as shareholders and decide how much they will earn and how much they will leave handouts in the form of taxes in the Russian Federation.

The author is absolutely not in the subject. Every year, Russian carrier-based aviation trains on the NITKA flight simulator in Novofedorovka (Saki). This was also the case under Ukraine, only then THREAD was rented. This is how exaggerated sensations are born that harm the country.

Ukraine - the US colony is on the verge of collapse

Well, we also need training and impudent reconnaissance flights off the coast of the United States. So that in their own skin they feel the breath of the possible and last war on earth.

it's time for russia to join Ukraine!

I'm not a super expert, but I think Shoigu has nothing unexpected. And the GDP is even more so.

The last section of the article is like gibberish. The carrier-based aircraft will use "THREAD" to counter NATO. There are no words, some unprintable expressions ...

There are a lot of carrier-based aircraft in the Russian Federation to vote like that !?
There is nothing to do in the North, but you have to train. Will Kuzya come back? And in Crimea there is where to frolic. Both literally and figuratively :)

It is time for Russia to take Odessa, Nikolaev, Kherson, Mariupol into its own hands, until the United States and NATO have built their bases in Novorossiya.

They fly to "THREAD" to train, to Novofyodorovka.