At the Russian airbase, due to system failure, a Su-35S fighter almost crashed

The pilot of the Russian Aerospace Forces managed to save the Su-35S fighter, whose remote control system failed in flight.

During a planned flight, the pilot of the Su-35S fighter encountered a failure of the remote control system, as a result of which the combat aircraft coming in for landing almost crashed. The incident, according to preliminary data, which the editors of the news agency managed to find out, occurred in Dzemgi, during some tests of a combat aircraft.

On the presented video frames, you can see that the pilot of the Su-35S fighter had to act extremely non-standard in the current situation, releasing his parachute and extinguishing the speed of the fighter to almost zero, which made it possible to successfully land the fighter. This saved not only the pilot from imminent catastrophe, but also the combat vehicle itself - the latter did not receive any damage.

The circumstances of the emergency that occurred during the flight on board the fighter so far remain unknown, but the masterful actions of the Russian pilot impressed the Network so much that the video began to be actively discussed not only in Russia, but also in other countries.

it was 7 years ago. On a test flight.

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most likely practice landing on an aircraft carrier without an aircraft finisher

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This footage is from 2015, the full version is available online, including from the cockpit. Check the facts.

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There is a trick for pilots to reduce the run-release of the brake parachute before touching the strip. Everything was planned.