A faulty Ukrainian S-300 rocket fell on Kharkiv

A faulty Ukrainian S-300 air defense missile fell on Kharkiv.

The incident occurred during an attempt by Ukrainian air defense systems to intercept a cruise missile. As in previous cases, similar to this, the rocket successfully captured its target, however, having risen to a certain height, due to a malfunction, it unexpectedly lost it and fell right on the urban development of Kharkov. The fact that we are talking about the S-300 anti-aircraft missile system is evidenced by the discovered fragments of an anti-aircraft guided missile.

As a result of an unsuccessful interception of an air target, a fallen anti-aircraft guided missile caused serious damage to one of the districts of Kharkov. This is evidenced by the corresponding photographs, in which you can also see the fragments of an exploding anti-aircraft guided missile. Moreover, according to residents of the Kharkiv region, Ukrainian missiles were indeed launched in this direction tonight, however, official Kyiv does not want to comment on the incident.

At the moment, it remains unknown whether there are any victims as a result of the fall of a faulty Ukrainian missile, however, this is far from the first incident associated with a malfunction of Ukrainian air defense systems, in particular, it became known earlier that a similar a rocket fell on the house of a Ukrainian oligarch.