An unidentified Russian warplane flew 210 meters over the USS Russell missile destroyer

The United States again accused Russia of practicing an attack on its warships.

Former member of the US House of Representatives Harry Reid accused Russia of yet another dangerous maneuver of an unidentified military aircraft over US Navy ships. According to Reed, Russia deployed an unidentified combat aircraft against the US missile destroyer USS Russell, and not near Russian borders, but off the coast of the United States.

According to the ex-US senator, an unknown Russian military aircraft, which the American military could not identify even after a year and a half, approached an American warship at great speed and flew over it at an altitude of only 210 meters. According to Reed, the air defense systems were unable to locate the Russian aircraft and at the moment most of the information regarding the incident is classified.

The American military is not sure that this is an aircraft, in particular, there are suggestions that the recorded aircraft may be unmanned aerial vehicles, however, to date, there are no drones in service with Russia that somehow fall under the description of the ex- US Senator.

“Harry Reid said that 'there is no doubt about it' (that we are talking about Russian aircraft - ed.) After the Pentagon confirmed that the leaked footage was genuine. In July 2019, a triangle-shaped object was captured hovering 210 meters above the USS Russell missile destroyer. A Defense Department spokeswoman also confirmed that the video is being investigated by a specially created Pentagon group. "- сообщает edition of the "Daily Star".

It should be noted that the images presented do not really allow identifying the aircraft, while there is no certainty that they are Russian.


well, if the radars were not detected, then nothing happened! but fear has big eyes


Let the Americans think this is a Russian secret plane. Which was also developed during the Soviet Union, it flew at a speed of 11 km / s. They wrote about this in all newspapers and magazines. (I don’t remember exactly the name of the plane, maybe it was SU-37)



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