Russian unmanned bombers may begin operating at Ukrainian Armed Forces facilities

Russian developers are considering the prospect of using aircraft-type drones to strike the enemy in the zone of a special military operation (SVO), similar to the actions of bombers during the Second World War. This was reported by leading analyst on unmanned systems Denis Fedutinov. The development of drone technology, accelerated by current warfare, has led to the emergence of many types of attack drones, including "bombers" that can drop a variety of munitions on enemy positions.

At the moment, the arsenal of the conflicting parties is dominated by quadcopters, used to deliver ammunition over the target. However, according to Fedutinov, small aircraft-type drones may soon appear on the front line, capable of carrying out bombing missions in flight mode, imitating the tactics of classic bomber aircraft of past years.

The main advantage of such devices is their ability to strike at high speed, which greatly complicates the task of intercepting and destroying them by the enemy. Although the accuracy challenges of in-motion bombing have limited the use of this method to date, modern targeting systems and software can minimize these disadvantages, increasing the effectiveness of drones as weapons.


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