Unidentified attacked Russian servicemen after a clash with the American military

The Russian military was attacked after another skirmish with American forces.

After another clash with the American military, as previously reported by the news agency, it became known that a group of Russian servicemen was attacked by unknown assailants, as a result of which at least three Russian servicemen were injured.

According to data provided by the Kurdish news agency ANHA, a group of Russian military personnel were attacked in the Syrian province of Hasaka, where at least one clash recently occurred between Russian and Syrian military personnel, as evidenced by previously published footage of a Russian military group blocking an American military patrol. ...

It is reported that an explosion occurred on the route of the Russian military personnel - presumably we are talking about an improvised explosive device. Given the fact that there are US-backed Syrian Kurdish forces in the area, there is a possibility that the US may well be behind the attack, although there is no evidence of this at this time.

The ANHA news agency reports that in addition to the three wounded, one Russian serviceman was killed, but there is no official confirmation of this so far.

For hot places in the USSR there was a field uniform "mabuta", then an Afghan woman, now they could think of something else

I do not just imagine, I lived there, and for more than one year. So your feelings are useless to me, save for yourself. And the form is not a show-off, it is the protection of a warrior from a variety of factors, both natural and from external influences. Locals do not wear T-shirts, because the skin will peel off from the sun, and vests are an excellent unmasking thing. Ponty a la warrant officer from the 9th company on the real won’t need anything.

Do you have any idea what the weather is like there? +50 in the shade, and there is no need to say what is in the sun. Anika the warrior. I felt this weather on myself

Guys we are with you !!!
Get well soon.
And eternal peace to those who are gone ...

I understand, of course, the heat and all that ... but what kind of dress is this ?! What films have the warriors seen enough ?! The army starts with discipline, in everything



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