The unique air defense complex being developed in Russia will become the only one in the world capable of combating a swarm of drones

Russia is the only country in the world developing an air defense system to combat a swarm of UAVs.

The unique air defense complex being developed in Russia, the creation of which became known about a year ago, will become the only weapon in the world that will be capable of fighting a swarm of unmanned aerial vehicles. We are talking about an air defense complex using microwave radiation as a means of destruction.

According to previously announced data, today such complexes are capable of successfully hitting targets at distances of up to 5 kilometers, however, given that we are talking about a prototype, it is likely that a fully developed complex will be able to engage targets at distances of up to 20 kilometers, which is more than enough to successfully hit dozens of UAVs launched by the enemy at the same time.

According to experts, today no air defense system in the world is capable of fighting a swarm of drones - the most effective means of destruction in this case will be powerful microwave radiation.

It is known that Russian microwave air defense systems may appear in service with the Russian army by 2025, while experts believe that such an air defense system will become an effective means of dealing even with enemy missiles.

The anecdote is not the topic. "A question to the Armenian radio: Is it true that Salamon Isaakovich won a million rubles in Sportloto. The Armenian radio replies: Everything is correct, only in reverse. Not Salamon Issakovich, Vladimir Alexandrovich. Not in Sportloto, but in a second. Not a million rubles, but a million dollars and did not win, but lost. " The system for destroying a large group air target has existed in the Russian Army for more than five years. Its method of affecting the target is not based on microwave radiation, but on another physical principle of destruction of the ammunition carrier. The distance of impact is not twenty, but almost one hundred kilometers. And so everything is correct. We are peaceful people, but our armored train is on the side track and we have something to knock out the teeth of the ill-wisher.



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