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Russia delivered an ultimatum to the West on security guarantees

Russia delivered an ultimatum to the West on the issue of providing security guarantees.

As part of the negotiations in Vienna on military security issues, the Russian delegation issued an ultimatum to the West, stating that if Russia's security guarantees are not provided on the Russian side's terms, then Russia will be ready to use its own security mechanisms. According to the head of the delegation, Konstantin Gavrilov, the ultimatum has been launched and the countdown has already begun.

“The moment of truth is coming when the West either accepts our proposals, or other ways will be found to ensure the security of Russia. There is less and less time for this. The countdown has begun"- said Konstantin Gavrilov.

Gavrilov did not explain exactly what methods of ensuring the security of Russia were in question, however, a little earlier it was stated that Russia was ready to use a wide range of military-technical measures. The most likely option would be the deployment of various types of weapons, including offensive ones, near the western borders of Russia. At the same time, it is more than likely that the Russian side will significantly increase the presence of its forces near the borders of NATO countries, and in the case of the United States, we are talking about the deployment of Russian forces in Latin America, including the likely deployment of Russian non-nuclear and nuclear weapons in Cuba and Venezuela.

Last week, the Russian side failed to make progress in this direction either during the meeting with US representatives in Geneva or with NATO representatives in Brussels. At the same time, the West is actively sabotaging the negotiations, stating that the demands put forward by the Russian side are unacceptable and they are not subject to discussion.

Are you sure about that? But everything can happen quite the opposite. Russia has not participated in large-scale wars for a long time and its infrastructure is completely unprepared for massive attacks on its territory. Even the bomb shelters are practically gone. The army has no experience of real full-scale wars. The exercises do not count, since there the targets do not really shoot back and there are no losses.

Pug barks at the elephant.

Then the West will receive Russia's response actions, which it will consider "acceptable" and subject to discussion!)))



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