Russian Su-30 and Su-24 successfully bombed a NATO ship in the Baltic Sea

Russian military aircraft have successfully completed the destruction of a NATO ship in the Baltic Sea.

NATO provocations near Russian borders forced Russia to react harshly to the actions of the Alliance. As a result, Russian Su-30SM fighters and Su-24 front-line bombers conducted an attack on a NATO ship, which was discovered in the Baltic Sea near Russian borders. The aircraft of the North Atlantic Alliance tried to interfere with the Russian military, however, the escort was started too late - by the time NATO fighters approached, a conditional strike had already been inflicted on the ship.

In the video footage presented, you can see the moment of interception of Russian Su-30SM fighters and Su-24 front-line bombers in the skies over the Baltic Sea. Despite the fact that the NATO command is silent about the details of the incident, the video, taken by the pilot of the Alliance fighter, can be seen below the American Arleigh Burke-class missile destroyer. Given the distance to the latter, it was guaranteed to be destroyed by the Russian Aerospace Forces.

In turn, experts also drew attention to the fact that NATO fighters created a rather serious provocation, coming too close to Russian combat aircraft, although before that the Alliance accused Russian pilots of creating such provocations and dangerous situations.

This is the failure of the videoconferencing. There are many questions, and the main ones are why the fighters allowed the NATO member to enter the combat on the bombers, and did not cover them as it should be, and most importantly, they also went out on themselves. They allowed themselves to be targeted, and not vice versa.

The destroyer could no longer work out anything, a large oil slick hid it in the depths.

Russians! All this exacerbation due to the screams of Ukraine. They have done so much nasty things to us that it is difficult to find such a thing in history in relation to neighboring countries. I would never forgive them. Yes, and it is necessary to punish. Well, everything is against us! How long can you listen to these false accusations? I live on the border with Ukraine. Everything is quiet and calm. No tanks, no soldiers. These neighbors got it. They made themselves enemies of Russia.

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Russian military aircraft have successfully completed the destruction of a NATO ship in the Baltic Sea,
In response, NATO aircraft have successfully worked out the destruction of the old flying junk of Russia

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And the Su-30SM and Su-24M were not guaranteed to be destroyed by NATO aircraft?

Did you see something on this video, or did you tell a stormy fantasy?

Already officially they said that the troops began exercises and exercises at the training grounds of the Southern Military District, and that they should move on skis and carts ??

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When Alliance aircraft were found, the Russian aircraft used the "Escape" plan.

"Don't shoot, he's a bomb!"

It can be assumed that the destroyer worked out the defeat of outdated aircraft of the Russian Federation

The pilots worked out the "peace enforcement" technique.