Aircraft Brazil Cup. FM 2014.


Aircraft Brazil Cup. FM 2014.

27.05.2014/1200/730. As you know, the World Cup will start soon. Therefore, street artists from Brazil decided to paint a civilian plane to carry passengers. In order to completely paint it, I had to spend more than XNUMX cans of paint and involve over XNUMX graffiti artists.

The aircraft received a life-affirming and coloring will officially carry the Brazilian national team in football. The first flight in the new guise of aircraft already committed today. After the end of the championship, this aircraft will be placed at the disposal of one of the airlines and will carry ordinary citizens.

The airport management, to which the aircraft is assigned, announced that it plans to operate this aircraft for at least 2 years in this form. The creators of this art project reported that they discussed the details with the engineers before painting. The paint used a solution that protects against UVA and UVB radiation.


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