Airline Eurowings


The plane "Eurowings" "forgot" 90 passengers at the airport of Dusseldorf

Aircraft airline "Eurowings" flew from Düsseldorf "forgetting" about a hundred passengers.

The incident occurred last night at the same time, as noted by the official sources of the German airport, the problem proved to be due to the fact that passengers upcoming flight transported to the aircraft in two stages - a bus with 40 passengers managed to get people on board the aircraft, and the second bus was late , which led the pilot to the mistaken belief that all the passengers are already aboard.

As a result of the incident, about 90 people did not get on board the passenger airliner, while the airline's pilot had already refused to accept any accusations in his direction, announcing that the flight was carried out in a regulated manner, and with the appropriate permission of air traffic controllers.


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