Japan Airlines airline


Aircraft "Japan Airlines" made an emergency landing due to technical problems with flaps

The plane of the Japanese airline "Japan Airlines" made an emergency landing on the island of Honshu.

The reason for the forced landing of a passenger airplane by a Japanese air carrier following the Osaka-Aomori route was a technical malfunction on board the aircraft, in particular, a violation in the operation of the flaps was reported.

On board a passenger airplane Bombardier CRJ 200 there were 49 passengers and four crew members who were not injured in the incident.

According to information available from the news agency Avia.pro, due to the impossibility of quickly eliminating technical problems, the passenger flight was postponed for an indefinite period - it remains unknown whether the Japanese airline "Japan Airlines" will send a reserve aircraft for its passengers or dozens people will have to wait for the aircraft to be adjusted.