NATO plane from destruction by Russian air defense, saved only a minute of flight

The NATO plane almost violated the Russian border.

The provocative flights of NATO military aircraft almost ended in a serious emergency. The German military patrol aircraft Lockheed P-3 Orion, armed with guided and unguided missiles, as well as aerial bombs, almost violated the Russian border, flying up to the airspace of the Kaliningrad region at a distance of only 5-6 kilometers.

According to the data available to the news agency, the NATO plane could deliberately arrange a provocation near the borders of Russia, since, judging by the route of its flight, the latter purposefully moved to the borders of the airspace of the Kaliningrad region, where, after making several circles, lay down on the return course.

Taking into account the flight speed of the German patrol military aircraft Lockheed P-3 Orion, the latter would have crossed the Russian border within the next 1-1,5 minutes, and after a few seconds it would almost certainly have been shot down by Russian air defense systems. This indicates a very serious incident.

Despite the absence of comments on this matter from the RF Ministry of Defense, judging by the data of "ADS-B", after the approach of the German military aircraft to the Russian borders, the latter actively began to be suppressed by an unknown electronic warfare system. This is evidenced by the interruptions in its tracking and does not exclude the version that it is for this reason that NATO chose to complete the mission near the Kaliningrad region, fearing the likely consequences.

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this is a military aircraft and it can carry nuclear weapons, so it will be shot down immediately. if it crosses the border, this is not Rust's civilian airplane .. they fly up close to find air defense positions, so they need to jam the scouts with electronic warfare for 50 km

What is this nonsense? No one in peacetime shoots down planes. Air defense aviation will squeeze out or force to land.