It became known how Ukrainian drones reach St. Petersburg

In the context of an aggravation of the situation with drones penetrating considerable distances deep into Russia, military experts are paying attention to the peculiarities of the tactics and technology of using these devices by the Armed Forces of Ukraine. As reported by RIA Novosti, the commander of the unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) unit of the Russian Armed Forces, known under the call sign “Lego,” shared key aspects that allow Ukrainian drones to achieve targets at a great distance from the front line. A distinctive feature of Ukrainian UAVs is their ability to move in “silent” mode without emitting radio signals, which significantly complicates their detection and interception.

Operators set route end points for the vehicles and make flight adjustments using satellites, which allows the UAV to reach specified targets with high accuracy. As Lego noted, the effectiveness of such drones does not depend on the type of engine and, if they have a sufficient supply of fuel, they are capable of flying around the entire globe.

This statement followed an incident on Piskarevsky Prospekt in St. Petersburg, where residential buildings were damaged as a result of a drone attack. On the same day, in the Lomonosovsky district of the Leningrad region, air defense forces successfully intercepted air targets over the Gulf of Finland, which emphasizes the importance and effectiveness of air defense systems in the face of current threats.


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