Rocket monolith


It became known about the creation of a secret rocket "Monolith"

Secret Russian rocket "Monolith" is completely ready for testing.

An innovative Russian development, and we are talking about the Monolith aircraft armor-piercing missile, which, according to preliminary data, will be able to destroy even the strongest enemy fortifications, is fully ready for state tests. The project is secret, which is supposed to be due to the unique capabilities of this missile.

“The work is ongoing. It’s too early to detail. This is a closed project. I’ll say that we are ready to move on to the stage of state testing ”- said in an interview with TASS the CEO of Techmash Vladimir Lepin.

According to some data leaks, the missile will be able to hit ground targets of the enemy from a great distance, moreover, we are talking about a high-precision missile capable of destroying the selected target with accuracy up to half a meter.

The project itself is a continuation of the work on the S-8OF Armor-striker missile, which, according to preliminary data, has already been tested even in Syria, and therefore, it is possible that the Monolit missile can also be tested against Syrian terrorists, for example, in the liquidation of leaders of terrorist groups.