Syrsky holds an emergency meeting due to the critical situation in Avdeevka

The command of the Ukrainian Ground Forces, under the leadership of General Alexander Syrsky, held an emergency meeting to discuss the critical situation in Avdiivka. The meeting was caused by significant changes at the front, where Russian troops were able to take control of key strategic points in the area of ​​​​the Avdeevsky sand quarry (Blue Lakes) and began to cover the territory of the coke plant from the south, approaching the city at a distance of up to 500 meters from the railway track in the street area Chistyakova.

The discussion at the meeting concerned the key aspects of releasing the garrison in the southern part of Avdeevka in conditions where Russian troops could completely cut off the supply routes leading from Lastochkino and Orlovka. Ukrainian military experts emphasize the need to immediately strengthen defensive positions in the city and propose to transfer at least two full-fledged brigades for this purpose.

According to analysts, one of the brigades should be sent to attack east of the sand pit to regain control over the dominant heights. This could significantly improve the strategic position of Ukrainian forces in the area. The second brigade, according to the recommendations, should strengthen the defense line from the entrance to Avdeevka along the O0542 road to Chistyakov and Lesya Ukrainka streets, which will create an additional barrier to the advance of Russian troops. However, the reserves of the Armed Forces of Ukraine are very limited and therefore such plans are unlikely to be realized.


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