S-300 drone Bayraktar


Turkey unsuccessfully tried to destroy the S-300 air defense system in Syria

Turkey tried to destroy the area of ​​the S-300 air defense system in Syria.

After large-scale attacks by the Russian Aerospace Forces and the SAA on key targets of Turkish mercenaries in the northwestern part of Syria, it became known that the Turkish military attempted to destroy the positional area of ​​the Syrian S-300 "Favorit" air defense systems located near the city of Masyaf. For this, according to some reports, a strike unmanned aerial vehicle was used (presumably we are talking about the Bayraktar TB2 drone - ed.), Which, having flown several hundred kilometers, was nevertheless shot down by Syrian air defense systems.

According to the Russian publication Voennoye Obozreniye, the flight of the Turkish drone in the direction of Masyaf could have been caused by an attempt to strike at the area of ​​the S-300 complexes.

“According to reports from Syrian sources, the drone was directed to the area of ​​Masyaf city (Hama province). The reason may be that it was in the Masyaf area, as previously reported, that the S-300 air defense system was deployed, which was at one time supplied to Syria by Russia. The drone, according to some sources, had weapons on board, and then, obviously with its help, an attempt could be made to carry out an attack on a military object ", - said in the published material.

There are no official comments on this from Ankara and Damascus. The Turkish side continues to violate the agreements on Syria by supplying weapons to terrorists and striking the positions of the Syrian military.

And there is. The base station will not see Bayraktar's signal further than 150 km (plus or minus, depending on the terrain and conditions).
Therefore, divide the information of the "experts" in two, or even three)))

Syrians are not Armenians, they will quickly put in place

I do not understand, they write the radius of the bayraktar 150 km.