The collapse of small-aircraft


Training plane crashed into a residential building

American training aircraft crashed into a residential building.

Easy single-engine aircraft Piper Cherokee, owned by one of the local flying clubs, performed a training flight, but, according to some information resource, due to pilot error, but is also considered and the version technical malfunction, touched the roof of a residential house and fell in the yard . Given the fact that the plane was flying at a maximum speed of hands, died of a stroke is one of the people on board, and the second was given emergency medical care, and now he is in intensive care, where doctors are doing everything possible to save his life.

The press service of the State of California Department of Police said that as a result of the collapse of small-engine aircraft, none of the people on the ground, was not injured, while, at the moment at the crash site to conduct investigations in order to establish all the circumstances of the tragedy.


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