The strike of the latest Russian complexes "Hermes-A" on the positions of the Armed Forces of Ukraine was caught on video

The strike by two Russian Hermes-A complexes on the positions of the Armed Forces of Ukraine was caught on video.

Ka-52 helicopters of the Russian Aerospace Forces delivered two high-precision strikes using the latest domestic Hermes-A missile systems. The accuracy of the missiles hitting their targets turned out to be so high that one of the missiles easily flew into the doorway of the building in which the Ukrainian military tried to hide.

On the presented video frames, you can see the moment of two strikes with the Hermes-A complexes. According to the source who published the video footage, Ka-52 helicopters were used to launch the missiles. Moreover, both missiles effectively hit the positions where the forces of the Armed Forces of Ukraine were located.

Experts drew attention to the fact that the second missile successfully maneuvers during the flight, providing the ability to strike from the required trajectory. To deliver a high-precision strike, the missile turns in flight in such a way as to enter the target from a convenient angle and literally flies through the door of the garage door, where the units of the Armed Forces of Ukraine and, probably, military equipment were located.

The news and information agency has previously published video footage showing the moment when ground targets were hit by Hermes-A complexes and the active use of these weapons indicates that they are quite effective.